Web browser fonts for     漢字     Japanese kanji

Viewing Japanese on the web: the last two characters of this line should appear to be Japanese characters 漢字

One of the first things to do if you have an issue with a CJK web page (Chinese, Korean or Japanese) is to check that the VIEW menu setting of your web browser is for a CHARACTER ENCODING of "utf-8" for UNICODE characters.

Beyond that "char encoding" setting, your browser is limited by the fonts available on your local device (PC, Mac, linux or other mobile system.)

Windows users can go to the Control Panel FONTS item to add fonts.

We like the free Hanazono fonts such as HanaMinA, but you can get a decent result by using a UNICODE font such as "Arial Unicode MS".

Good advice can be found on the internet by asking a search engine such as Google, "How can I see Japanese characters on web pages?"

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